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Yoga Strong

Yoga Strong 1 | Your Body Best


This athletic, strength-building class is best suited for those with some experience with yoga. You'll want to be comfortable with planks (okay, no one is really "comfortable" with planks, but you know what I mean), Sun Salutations (see my Yoga for Beginners series, classes 2 and 13), and more.

Yoga Strong 2 | Your Body Best


Stronger every day! This faster-paced class has some challenging poses and transitions, and is best suited for those who have some experience with yoga. We practice humble warrior and variations on side plank, table, boat, and lunge to help us grow our physical and mental strength. I hope you enjoy it!

Yoga Strong 3 | Your Body Best

This is a fast-paced class best suited to those with some yoga experience who can follow quick cues and transitions through the poses. We do wild thing, warrior II, side angle, triangle, revolved triangle, and a lot of lovely backbends: bow, camel, and wheel! As always, listen to your body and do what feels good to you today.