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Yoga Back Pain

Yoga for Back Pain 1: Easy Does It

Back pain is a complicated issue with many possible causes, but this gentle class is designed to help start to relieve it. We use a block and a strap (a towel or a belt works just fine) on some of the poses to make them more accessible. Remember, as always, to listen to your body first and skip or be extra gentle on any of the poses where you might feel discomfort.

Yoga for Back Pain 2: Open Up

This is the second of three yoga for back pain classes. In this one, we do some of the same gentle poses we did in the first class (Easy Does It) and add poses that focus a little more on flexibility and opening up the muscles that, when too tight, can contribute to back pain.

Yoga for Back Pain 3: Strong and Steady

In this third yoga for back pain class, we start to explore more strengthening poses. If you're ready to keep progressing after experiencing some relief after a few weeks of practice with classes 1 and 2, give this class a try.