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Sport-it Top 10 Push Up Variations

Don't get stuck in a push up FUNK! Sport-it Push up Bars offer a wider range of movement and increased benefits when compared to standard floor push ups. 

The following variations should be used to target specific muscle groups and provide added difficulty to your routine. Changing up your workouts each and everyday is key to maximizing results.

1) T-pushups : Full-body - Chest, shoulders, back, core (rotation)

Start at normal pushup position - Raise one hand off the ground, straight up from your side into the air (making a T-shape out of your body). Keep your eyes focused on your raised hand, then repeat for your other side. To increase intensity, add dumbbells to the routine.

2) Single-leg pushups : Intensifies upper body workout and core

This can be used with any nearly any position for increased difficulty - Lift one leg up off the ground (keeping it straight) and do your set. Then switch legs and do the next.

3) Clap pushups : Target area: Chest

I would keep the pushup bars away for this one - When you are at the peak of your push up, explode yourself off the ground and bring your hands together for a clap midair. The quick & jolting force of the movement will help create explosive power and bulk up those pecs.

4) Spiderman pushups : Core? You betcha!

A personal favorite used with regular position - As you raise up, bring one knee toward the elbow of the same side, keeping it out to the side. Think spiderman climbing a building. Switch up your knees with each rep.

5) Band pushups : Arms & chest

If your looking for some added resistance and difficulty, hold a resistance band in each of your palms and wrap it around your back. Keep normal form but as you raise up, be explosive as possible for better results. Adjust tension so you can complete at least 10 a set.

6) 1 + .5 pushups : Chest

Longer time under tension (TUT) builds more bulk, and pumps up your muscles. What you do will do for this one is a go down for a regular push up, come up half way, the descent and push up again for a rep. Good luck keeping up with these!

7) Eccentric pushups

These are normal pushups with an extra sloooow (~5 seconds) dissension, before rising again normally. (4 to 5 seconds) and rise normally. The extra time helps flood your muscles with blood.

8) Shoulder pushups : Shoulders

Lift your hips high into the air creating a V with your back, while keeping the top of your head pointing downward. Now slowly and carefully lower your body up and down with your shoulders, keeping your legs and back straight.

9) Wide-grip pushups : Chest

This one is standard but spread your hands as wide as comfortable (more than shoulder width apart). This forces your chest to engage more than regular and ensure it carries the weight over your triceps and shoulders.

10) Narrow-grip pushups : Triceps

With your hands a few inches apart, do a regular pushup. Keep your arms tucked in closed to your body.