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Bodyweight Supersets Legs & Glutes Workout

What You'll Need: just a water bottle, a sweat towel, and some floor space.
What You'll Do: except for the very last set, do both exercises in each pair on one leg, then switch to the other leg, then move onto the next set.  For example, in the first superset, you'd do 30 donkey kicks on the right leg, then immediately go into 30 straight leg lifts also on the right leg.  Then you'd repeat that set on the left, and then move onto superset 2.

Superset 1: Glutes & Hamstrings

30 Donkey Kicks - get in an all-fours position (kneeling on hands and knees).  Lift one knee off the ground, keeping your foot flexed. From here, kick that leg back so it is straight and parallel with the floor.  Bring it immediately back in so your knee is close to your chest.  Alternate that pattern quickly for 30 kicks.  Then go straight into...

30 Straight Leg Lifts - keeping the same kneeling all-fours position, straighten the same leg you just kicked and lift it up as high as you can (without arching your back), and bring it back down to the ground.  Keep the lifts going quickly for 30 reps.

- repeat superset 1 on other leg - 

Superset 2: Quads & Glutes

25 Curtsey Lunges - start standing and bring one foot behind and diagonally back behind you (e.g. with your right foot, step back and to the left, like a curtsey).  As you step, make sure you're lunging.  Come back up, but don't let that foot touch the ground.  Instead, bring your knee up to hip level.  Immediately go back down into a curtsey lunge.  Alternate that pattern for 25 reps on one leg.  Then go straight into...

25 Reverse Lunges + Hop - keep the same front leg stationary, and step back into a reverse lunge.  From there, bring that leg back up to hip level and in one fluid motion, add a hop/skip (so your other foot comes off the ground slightly).  Immediately step back into the reverse lunge position, and skip up again.  Alternate that pattern for 25 reps.

- repeat superset 2 on other leg -

Superset 3: Abductors & Adductors

30 Side Plank Leg Lifts - get into a side plank position on your elbow, bottom leg slightly in front. Brace yourself with the top leg and hold a side plank as you lift your bottom leg up as high as you can..  Bring it back down to the floor.  Keep the lifts going for 30 reps.  Then go straight into...

30 Leg Sweeps + Pulse - whatever leg did the lifting in the side plank is the one you're going to sweep.  Start in a seated position, with the "sweeping" leg straight out, other leg bent to your chest, foot on the ground.  Lift the straight leg so it's hovering over the floor, and sweep it out to the side.  Immediately bring it back in.  Alternate sweeps for 30 reps, then keep that leg out to the side and pulse up and down for a count of 30.

- repeat superset 3 on other leg -

Superset 4: Quads & Cardio

1 Minute Plyo Squats - start in a squat position as low as you can get, arms bent as if in a prayer position.  From here, use your glutes and your quads to propel yourself up into the air, swinging your arms down by your sides as you jump.  As you land back down, immediately lower yourself back down into a squat.  Remember, be light on your feet and keep the motion fluid.  Alternate that pattern for 1 minute.    (If you need to, you can decrease the intensity by simply squatting in place without the jumps.)  Then go straight into...

1 Minute Jump Lunges - start in a lunge position, hands either above your head (harder) or at your hips (easier).  Propel yourself into the air, switching legs mid-air and land back down in a lunge position on the opposite leg.  Again, keep things light on the feet here.  Trainer Tip: if your knees need a break, step back into the lunges instead of jumping.

- no need to repeat on other leg here - 

Remember to go through that 2 more times for the full workout today.  Enjoy!

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