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I WAS FRUSTRATED! It shouldn't be so difficult to find a great pair of leggings.

For me, this meant superior quality + flattering fit + pockets big enough to carry my phone!

With this challenge in mind, Go Sport-it, our family-run company, was born. And the PERFECT pair of workout leggings was our goal! We experimented a lot because we only want THE BEST. Last 2015, we finally started selling the Go Sport-it Long Leggings and the Capri Leggings.

As word started to spread and more gals are messaging us how much they love Go Sport-it, we became more motivated to expand! Our company, along with the brilliant ideas from you, our passionate customers, resulted in exciting new products! We have recently launched the skirts, shorts and men’s apparel.

We have a long way to go, but we have reached this far. And we owe it all to our customers. This is why we are extremely committed to provide excellent customer service since day one. We appreciate everyone’s message, whether you have a product idea in mind, or an issue with your order.

All of our sales are made online and we have no physical stores (yet!) to keep our costs down. We’d rather invest in our products and customers than to get caught up in the expenses of retail that will make our products sell at twice the price! You have found our website but we are also available in Amazon, selling throughout North America. (Hold your seats, we’re planning to launch in Europe next year!)



Go Sport-it Team

Our operations wouldn’t be as smooth as they are today if not for the whole Go Sport-it team. We are extremely proud to be working with talented people including our friends and family serving as consultants, photographers and models, our employees both local and overseas, our official lovely models (see photo on the left), and marketing experts.

Our mission is to create the perfect essential workout apparel. All our products stick to basics because we believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We ourselves don’t invest in trendy workout clothes that will be out of style next year. Our products are made to last and we want every single Go Sport-it apparel to be relevant for the next ten years!

Created for everyone, we offer several lines of products that make it more convenient to get out and move your body. We celebrate all body types, ages and fitness levels! As we love to say… “Go for it with Go Sport-it!”

Jana Mclarty

Jana McLarty Go Sport-it  Founder

Jana McLarty, Go Sport-it, CEO