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Quick message from Jana, Founder of Go Sport-it:

I was frustrated!  It shouldn't be so difficult to find a great pair of leggings.

For me this meant quality, flattering fit, and pockets - big enough carry my phone!

With this challenge in mind, Go Sport-it was born.  Our family run Company was started with an idea. The perfect workout legging was the goal!  Created for everyone, we offer a line of products that make it more convenient to get out and move your body. We celebrate all body types, ages and fitness levels!  We look for a problem and then try to create an easy to use solution.

How did we Start?

It’s clear that a walk, run or a quick trip to the gym can relieve stress and make you feel good.  Early on, it was  about developing products to make these activities easier.  What do I do with my keys, phone and a bit of cash?  The Sport-it leggings were born and also, the start of our company in Vancouver.

As word started to spread, new ideas resulted in exciting new products and we launched the skirts, shorts and men's line.  Customers and employees have strong passions and we invite everyone to be involved with ideas, product creation,  expansion and assistance.  It is now over two years and we continue to sell, create, and launch new products as we fine-tune the lines.  We never forget our commitment to customer service, quality and ease of use.

Sales are enabled on-line, in order to keep our costs down.  We invest in our products and customers, not the rent and expenses of retail. We can be found on Amazon and Shopify and sell throughout North America, with plans to launch in Europe over the coming year.


Who is on the Go Sport-it team?

We are so excited  and proud to be working with the people that are involved in this enterprise.  In the photo below, you’ll see the many employees, models and marketing experts who have been instrumental to our success.

Our goals include:

  • Highest quality
  • Flattering Fit
  • Unique Features  (pockets galore)
  • Style Selection
  • Easy care 
  • Excellent value


Trends are great but here at Go Sport-it we create high quality Essentials!  Which pair will you grab to put on when working out?  Which item is your go-to favorite?  We offer fitness apparel and fitness equipment with unique features that work for you!  Fitness apparel that you can depend on, that is falttering and will last forever.

We are committed to long term relationships with our clients and want to add value to all your fitness endeavors. There is no judgement here!   We love all ages, levels of fitness and all individual goals...and we’ll try our best to help you get there. As we love to say ‘Go for it with Go Sport-it!'

Jana Mclarty

Jana McLarty Go Sport-it  Founder

Jana McLarty, Go Sport-it, CEO